A fast, flexible, eco-friendly solution
for smooth handling of all of your guests.
Invite, register and check in guests with a unique system that meets
your environmental requirements.

Before the event

You invite, we register...

During the event

You welcome, we identify...

After the event

You recycle, we recycle...


Our references

ELITE MODEL LOOK Finals France 2014 and 2015:
How to seat 400 guests in 16 different zones in 30 minutes?
Our answer: a dedicated back office to divide up the guests beforehand, 3 access-control machines, and the distribution of seating vouchers.

L’OREAL LUXE International Meetings 2015:
How to welcome 900 people in 20 minutes with 13 specific criteria?
Our answer: a dedicated back office to register guests using a detailed table (VIP, plenary, lunch, workshop, etc.), and 10 badge-printers using recycled card.

CODES National Congress 2013, 2014 and 2015:
How to welcome 400 paying guests in 15 minutes and give them an attendance certificate?
Our answer: a back office with online payment facilities, sending out attendance certificates at a later date. 3 machines to print out stick-on badges.

our identity

About us

Easy-ID was created jointly by Noria and StimData after a year of development.
Event management company Noria, drawing on 20 years of experience in the field, designed a guest registration and check-in solution.
StimData, a specialist in the digital network administration and management, applied its technical expertise and development solutions to design a convenient, easy-to-use application.
Easy-ID draws on these two skill sets to provide a simple, straightforward, eco-friendly and community-minded solution for organisations that want to be the perfect host.


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